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ESG -Optimized
Edge Infrastructure

Why Greensparc? We leverage the footprint of existing power plants, we enable significant reductions in energy costs while lowering local latency.


Our modular, scalable micro-data centers are optimized from the ground up for sustainability, rapid deployment, and resilience in the toughest conditions. Together with our partners, providers, and customers, we’re bringing affordable, powerful computing capacity to edge communities and devices. It’s our blueprint for a greener and more connected world.


  • Energy Efficiency

  • Renewable & Carbon Content

  • Energy & Water Usage Reduction

  • Responsible Supply Chain


  • Equitable Access

  • Economic Development for Underserved Communities

  • Education

  • Workforce Development & Training


  • Transparency

  • Latency

  • Sovereignty

  • Security

  • Standards Development

CEO, Sam Enoka Discusses THE EDGE

What do Cryptocurrency Miners overlook in Energy Markets?

What is the future of Distributed Computing ?

Sam Enoka of Greensparc Inc. dives into The Edge and so much more on the latest episode of The Sazmining Podcast.

Greensparc is a San Francisco-based sustainable computing start-up providing renewable energy-powered edge computing resources and real-time ESG data analytics. Greensparc aims to become the leading provider of sustainable edge computing resources and optimization strategies.

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